Foreigners living in Japan, let’s improve your Japanese skills to get a job or change jobs!

  Aishin Hodogaya Gakuin is a Japanese language school located a 2-minute walk from JR Hodogaya Station, which is next to JR Yokohama Station. There is a bus terminal in front of the station, making it convenient to use the bus.

  Would you like to improve your Japanese and aim for a better job? Let’s do our best because it is a difficult situation with the new Corona.

  Foreign mothers, why don’t you experience high quality Japanese learning after sending children to kindergartens and schools? Make good use of your time.

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Do you have any problems in your daily life?

  At the city or ward office, post office, bank, or hospital, have you ever been in trouble because you couldn’t communicate well in Japanese what you wanted to say?

  You want to see your child’s studies and find out more about your child at school. But are you worried if you don’t understand the contents of the handout and the conversation with the teacher doesn’t go well?

  Do you communicate well with the Japanese people in your neighborhood, your child’s friends, and their families?

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Course introduction

  It is intended for those who want to eliminate anxiety in daily life, learn Japanese that can be used for work more, and pass the qualification test.

◇Class lessons: You can take classes in units of 3 months. 

  A standard course with good cost performance for foreigners living in Japan. You can participate in the international student classes that are currently open. You can evenly improve the four skills of “listening, talking, reading, and writing.”
  From October to December, ” Intermediate (JLPT N4 and above) ” class in PM and ” Advanced(JLPT N2) ” class in AM are offered.

・Class hours: Weekdays 09:00-12:20, 13:00-16:20  1 class 45 minutes, 4 classes a day
・Admission time: January, April, July, October.
    However, you can enroll at any time if a class that matches your level is offered.
・Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays
      Spring holidays March-April (3 weeks), Summer holidays August (18 days),
      Winter holidays Late December-early January (17 days) 
・Study period: 3 months in principle (can be continued).
        Please contact us as it is possible to enroll on the way.
・Tuition: If you pay the tuition fee for 3 months in a lump sum, it will be 130,000 yen (excluding the teaching material fee), and if you need to calculate on a daily basis, it costs 2800 yen per day.

  • ※※※ Caution ※※※
  • ・You can choose the level of attendance, but it is necessary that the international student class of that level is open.
  • ・There are no refunds for absence (unless the school has circumstances) and no supplementary classes.

◇Private lessons: A tailor-made lesson just for you, where you can talk a lot one-on-one.

・Time zone: Weekdays from 14:00 to 16:20. Please contact us for other time zones. Private classes are based on 95 minutes each. 45 minutes x 2 frames, 5 minutes break on the way.
・Tuition: 5,000 yen each time (Please take at least 4 times). Free for the first class after application! Teaching materials will be charged separately.
 We will listen to your requests through individual counseling.

◇Click here for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N2 / N3 exam preparation course